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Belforship specializes in ocean transportation.

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Belforship background

Project and bulk shipments

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Belforship background

Wide range of services

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Belforship background

Offshore marine contractor

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About Belforship

At Belforship we specialize in ocean transportation.
We are well-experienced in all dry-cargo segments of the market.


Shipments any size from coaster to supramax, single or multiple voyages for all commodities including the parceling of steels, generals, concentrates, ...


Shipments of break-bulk, projects, heavy lifts and RoRo cargoes on specialised MPP/heavylift/RoLo vessels.                                                                  


Marine offshore contractor independent specialist for chartering and operating offshore tonnage (AHTS, PSV, SOV, SEMISUB, TUGS, CTV, BARGE, SURVEY VESSEL, CREW TRANSFER VESSEL, RIBS, ROVS, INSTALLATION VESSEL,  ACCOMODATION VESSEL/PLATFORM).

Belforship tailor-makes solutions to suit your needs and requirements. Our experience and hands-on attitude sets us apart and has already been adding value to the supply chain for decades.

  • Belforship is the shipping division of Belfor Logistics NV.

  • Chartering & Operating tonnage for the last decades in various segments of the market Bulkers/coasters/MPP's.

What we do

Belforship offers a wide range of services.

Vessel management

Commercial management

Time charter, voyage charter, contract of affreightments, pool management.                                                                                                           


In-house CSO and our contacts make passage/transits in the Gulf of Aden and other high risk areas safer for crew and ship by following the highest vetting procedures.

Bunker management

Spot trading, forward purchase or long-term hedge contract, optimizing bunker procurement strategies and evolving environment regulations.

Port disbursement account services

Port-DA service providing correct follow-up on the port costs and detailed checking of disburements accounts.

Legal & Insurance & Claims handing

Belforship is experienced in dealing with legal, insurance and claims handling in the maritime sector.

Operational management

Operation of vessel, active instructions and follow-up with master, agents, stevedores including weather routing, demurrage calculations, scheduling and cargo handling.

Supercargo & engineering & survey desk

Preparation of stowage plans, cargo inspection, preparation of Method Statement (MOS), supervision of loading and discharging operations.                            

Accounting & Controlling

Cash management, clear, transparent and comprehensive information on earnings, returns and costs.

IT Support

In-house programmer, copyright DEMSY 'dynamic and efficient maritime system' and inventory management.

Other shipping related services

We offer a wide range of shipping related services.                                   

Cargo portfolio management

Does your enterprise need shipping expertise to handle your cargo volume?
Does your enterprise seek to make the step from FOB to CIF?
Does your enterprise seek to streamline her resource procurement?

We offer you the perfect solution with various services in our CPM (Cargo Portfolio Management). This can be linked on to various levels of authority and reporting.

Contract of affreightment

We offer your company/trader the freight backing for cargo. We execute the fixture of the COA once your sale and letter of credit are concluded and we closely follow up for smooth nominations and scheduling.

Hedging of cargobook

We hedge your cargobook to ensure that your variable freight rate becomes a fixed locked freight.

Tender process

We prepare the whole tender process for your cargo coa or stem. If required we can set up a sealed envelop tender in order to comply with your company compliance policy.

Charter party + terms and conditions optimisation

We optimise your standard charter party and all terms and conditions to fit your trade and commodity.

Laytime calculation

We prepare your laytime calculation and ensure all terms and conditions are correctly respected. We assist with all related laytime claims.

Parcel vs full

In case your cargo can take advantage of economics of scale as part cargo onboard depending on commodity, origins and destination.

Spot market evaluation

We offer your company/trader the freight backing for cargo. We execute the fixture once your sale and letter of credit are concluded and we closely follow up for a smooth voyage.

fob vs cif

We assist you in making the transition in case required.                                        


We offer you our documentation expertise to ensure that the sale contract/ letter of credit / insurance / customs /bills of ladings are lined up.

Stock management

We assist the management of your stock in case needed by and add pro-active feedback vs freight market and up and down cycles.


We can facilitate cargo insurance for your cargo and shipment.                                        

Optimising profits by use of various tools

Arbitrage, trade lane development.

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